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city break Orlando
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City Break: Orlando

ByOn December 16, 2021

City break (noun): a short holiday spent in a city, such as when on business travel. Before there was bleisure travel, there was the city break—the short space of leisure time that…Read More

flexible travel plans
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Tips from the Experts: How to Book Flexible Travel Plans With Confidence

By在赛特ber 14, 2021

TripIt is teaming up with our friends at Thrifty Traveler, a site that helps you travel more for less, to share helpful strategies for flexible travel planning. Flexibility can take many forms…Read More

vacation planner

Free Vacation Planner

ByOn October 22, 2015

While great vacations can be the highlights of our lives, planning them can cause more trouble than they worth. From booking international air travel to keeping track of hotel reservations, the details…Read More

Travel Tips

When to Travel to (Fill in the Blank)

By在赛特ber 23, 2015

Knowing when to travel to places in the world is even more important than where in the world to go. For instance, you don’t want to go to India in June during monsoon…Read More

travel hacks
Travel Tips

Travel Hacks for a Better Trip

ByOn August 20, 2015

Although you may not realize it, there’s a subset of travelers in the world that we refer to as travel hackers. These are well-traveled pros who know the ins and outs of…Read More

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Introducing the Premiere of TripIt’s New Video

ByOn July 22, 2015

Believe it or not, there are still some travelers out there who don’t use TripIt! To help spread the word, we’ve created a brand new video about how TripIt makes life easier for travelers.…Read More

Travel Tips

5 Ways to Help You Pack Light When You Travel

ByOn October 16, 2014

Sometimes packing for a trip can be more stressful than actually traveling. There’s the back and forth decisions on what you need, what you want to bring, and how to organize it…Read More

Travel Tips

3 High-End Eco-Hotels in Asia

ByOn August 6, 2014

As wanderers of the world, we all recognize the importance of preserving the Earth and protecting the people on this planet. Luckily, the growing trend of eco-hotels is helping us support these…Read More

Travel Tips

3 Luxurious Eco-Hotels in Europe

ByOn July 30, 2014

Most of us with self-diagnosed wanderlust have recognized that the passion to travel and the desire to preserve nature go hand in hand. And for obvious reasons. There are so many…Read More